Compare how a reflector affects the visibility of the pedestrian viewed from a distance of approximately 70 metres using low beam headlamps.

While travelling 50 km/h, a car moves 14 metres per second. It takes about one second for the driver to react to surprising traffic situations.

In lit urban areas street lights and commercial lights, as well as the shadows of trees and bushes, make it more difficult to accurately see pedestrians and bicyclists.

Compare how a reflector affects the visibility of a pedestrian viewed from a distance of approximately 120 metres using high beam headlamps.

The regular road speed of 80 km/h translates into 22 metres per second.

A pedestrian or bicyclist is never too visible during dark or dim conditions.

Rain, mist and foggy windows have an adverse effect on the driver’s view especially when driving under dark conditions.

In the dark, it becomes increasingly more difficult to see as car lights and windshield get dirty.

The reflectors on sale must meet the European Union standards and be CE approved.

Visibility in both dim conditions and in daylight can be enhanced by wearing a reflective vest which is manufactured from a fluorescent, reflecting material.

Different reflector models complement each other.

Be seen! Use a reflector!

Use a reflector!

The law on road traffic requires for pedestrians to use a reflector during dark conditions while walking on a road. Using this demo, you can get a better picture of how a reflector improves your safety by helping the car driver to see you better. Imagine yourself crossing a road. How far do you want to be seen?



You may change low beam and high beam headlamps using the headlamp buttons below. On the right side, there are various alternatives which affect your visibility: without a reflector, with reflective stripes and with reflective vest. You may adjust the distance of the pedestrian by using the slide control on the right. You may view these instructions again by clicking the ‘?’ button located below on the left.

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