Urban area speed

Highway speed

Road surface

Stopping distances and times have been assessed mathematically. The distances have been rounded up to the nearest metre. While calculating distances and times, one second (1 s) reaction time has been used as basis for calculation. Furthermore, the average retardation factor has been set at 7 m/s² for dry road surface and 3.5 m/s² for wet road surface. At very best, it is possible to achieve – if mainly in test situations – an average retardation factor of 10 m/s² (optimal).

In reality, fluctuation can be considerable. The achieved retardation is influenced by many factors such as e.g.
- driver’s braking skills
- method of braking (back, front, both)
- efficiency of braking
- motorcycle type / structure (R bike, travel bike, custom, enduro)
- structure/condition/qualities of the brakes
- condition of frame/suspension
- type/condition of tyres
- road surface (asphalt cover, gravel, lumpy, dry, wet)